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                                Zhejiang Xinzhou Shipbuilding Co., Ltd. is a private enterprise established in August 2014 with a registered capital of RMB 10,000. In January 2018, the company moved to Chitou Village, Jianteng Town, Sanmen County, Taizhou City. The geographical position is unique, the natural conditions are superior, the sea area is wide, and there is no navigation obstacle. The company covers an area of ??200,000 square meters, and the current construction area is 22,000 square meters (including: office building: 1200 square meters, dormitory building: 1500 square meters, armored workshop: 3000 square meters, pipe workshop: 3000 square meters, CNC and forming workshop: 4200 square meters Prefabricated component workshop: 6000 square meters, painting one spray two coating workshop: 1500 square meters, warehouse: 1600 square meters, coastal use line 510 meters, environmental assessment, sea area use, shoreline use, navigation safety assessment and other related procedures Zhejiang Jiuzhou ship Industry Co., Ltd. has passed.
                                The main shipbuilding bases are: three 50,000-ton shipyards and four 3-kilometre shipyards. There are 3 sets of 220 tons of gantry cranes, 4 sets of 120 tons of gantry cranes, 14 sets of 20 tons of gantry cranes, 8 sets of 10 tons of vehicles, 2 sets of 5 tons of vehicles, 1 set of 100 tons of hydraulic balance transport vehicles, 1 set of CNC cutting machines, plasma cutting machines. 2 sets, hull processing equipment such as forklift, folding machine, milling machine, hydraulic press, shearing machine, pipe bending machine, and machining equipment such as drilling machine, lathe, sawing machine, grinding machine, boring and milling machine, ship inspection, measuring instrument, coating The installation facilities are basically complete, with an annual shipbuilding capacity of 200,000 DWT.
                                Zhejiang Xinzhou Shipbuilding Co., Ltd. has obtained ISO9000 quality management system certificate. The company has established various guarantee institutions such as organization, quality, testing, safety, procurement and information feedback. The company has formulated the quality policy and quality objectives of the company, and has formed various written management documents. Our company will strictly follow the ISO9000 quality management system in the ship production process, and continuously improve and continuously improve the quality management system.
                                The company has 22 engineers and technicians, including 3 senior engineers, 17 engineers and 2 assistant engineers. The hull ship, ship and ship personnel are basically equipped to meet the technical control and quality control requirements of shipbuilding. The corresponding types of certified welders of 185 people.
                                The company's power supply capacity is 2500KVA, and the corresponding distribution cabinets and other facilities are equipped in the relevant construction sites. Most of the corresponding pipelines are buried by trenches to ensure convenient, safe and reliable gas supply and supply. . Separate warehouses provide a safe guarantee for the stacking of special materials.
                                With the tenet of “integrity, pragmatism, truth-seeking and innovation”, the company pursues the quality policy of “safe, efficient, high-quality, win-win”, adheres to the market-oriented, continuously enhances industry research and development, and strengthens the introduction and cultivation of management and talents. In the near future, there will be a modern shipbuilding company rising in the sky above the East China Sea.
                                Let us work together in an all-round way and work hard for the development of China's shipbuilding industry.
                                Zhejiang Xinzhou Shipbuilding Co., Ltd. and Zhejiang Haichang Shipbuilding Co., Ltd. are cooperative units and the same legal representative.

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